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. and take a look at this. the crane appears to be just hanging on. the new york city mayor says it's not in danger of falling. we'll take you live to the scene. as the monster storm moves on to it land and nails the northeast. >> hurricane on steroids, i think she just juiced up. >> do not underestimate lives. >> this looks like another meti where we need to come together all across the country. >> shepard: tonight, the epic threat from super storm sandy. ' its first from fox this monday night, seems the forecasters were right on almost every single point. the east coast of the u.s. now taking a direct hit from the most powerful storm ever to hit the region. ever in recorded history. and tonight, officials in maryland are reporting the first death they have just reported it. and what they are calling a storm related crash. a life look now point pleasant in new jersey where the sun has set near the spot hurricane is now coming ashore: they say the monster storm will spread devastation far and wide on east coast and far beyond. one of two main roads into atlantic city, new jersey. l
. a live look coming now across the hudson in new jersey. half of the city in the dark, including the financial district. where the markets opened today for the first time after the storm. a deficit stated region begins to crawl back to life. >> we have a ways to go but we're beginning to make some real progress. two days after sandy hits the northeast like a sledge hammer the rescues continue. homeowners up and down the east coast now getting their first look at towns that may never be the same again. tonight, president obama surveys the damage in new jersey. >> our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones. >> and promises that relief is on the way. plus, remember the election? >> i know we have huge challenges. but i'm not trend by them. >> shepard: with less than a week to go until the next goes to the polls, governor romney jumps back on the campaign trail. but first from fox this wednesday night, assessing the damage after the unprecedented storm and with each hour the full scope of sandy's destruction is becoming clearer. earlier today, president obama toured t
this one sent by a viewer on long island city with a magnificent rainbow over the city skyline. thanks forever inviting us into your home tonight after hurricane sandy. people coming together. that's a good thing. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced and always unafraid. >> shepard: this is "the fox report." tonight, the dramatic images from that devastating storm. including this shot from the construction pit at the world trade center. sea water cascading into the still gapping hole. plus, from above the jersey shore, massive, widespread destruction caused by a once in a lifetime storm. >> we're talking months to recover from this. >> shepard: millions of people across the northeast without power. [chainsaw] >> shepard: shore towns from virginia to connecticut under water. >> this is the worse i have ever seen. >> shepard: the nation's largest city at a stand still. entire new york city neighborhood burned to the ground. >> absolute and total devastation. >> shepard: and now the storm has turned into a blizzard. plus, thousands of passengers still stranded at airport
in the heart of new york city. and knocking missiles out of the sky. tonight perform interceptor test on a scale nobody has ever seen. this one is real. we are watching the opening moments of what could be an enormous natural disaster because the first alert forecast for that so-called franken storm getting worse by the hours. hurricane sandy already killed at least 40 people across the caribbean. 40s in the haiti, jamaica. that is only the beginning. meteorologists say this storm is soon going to clyde -- collide with a blast of artic air and that could turn it into a juggernaut. a super storm. government first alert forecast ever first alert forecasters say there is a 90% chance of virtual certainty that this super storm will blast the east coast. perhaps 10 inches of rain in some spots. perhaps two feet of snow in others. and out of control storm surges all over. one meteorologist says sandy could potentially affects more than 66 million americans. from florida, up through virginia beach, in to new york. boston, and maine. the governors of virginia, maryland, new york, and pennsylv
in new york city. how in the world did this happen, rick? >> apparently people will counterfeit almost anything these days. this warning affects a small percentage of vehicles and seatbelts are still a driver's primary protection. but this is an extreme safety risk, releasing video showing counterfeit air bags failing. it's in up with tenth of 1% of the vehicles on the road. potentially tens of thousands of people with air bags that could fail. if you had an air bag replaced at a dealership, you should be fine. but if you had the work done at an auto repair shop or recently bought a used car, you could be in trouble. immigration officials are actually taking the lead in trying to stop the illegal sales. >> this is literally an assault on u.s. industry. everything that can be made or manufactured can be counterfeit and if you can sell it for profit, the criminals will do that and there is absolutely no reason why counterfeiters would focus on one particular brand or one particular kind of air bag if they can counterfeit it, they will and they do. >> so they recommend you get an inspecti
a special thanks to the city of ingle wood, county, the city center here and brad and karen at solid grounds coffee shop, our home today. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> this is "the fox report." tonight, president obama and governor romney gearing up for what could be a make or break first presidential debate. plus, the u.s. supreme court begins a brand new term with some very high profile cases that could effect us all. >> gay marriage, affirmative action, voting rights. those just a few of the controversial issues that the top court is expected to tackle. but tonight could the healthcare law be back on the agenda? plus the u.s. military suffered its 2,000th death in afghanistan. three more american troops are dead in a bomb attack tonight, what the latest could mean for the america's war. >> and does anybody remember where we parked the car? but first from fox this monday night. the race for the white house both president obama and the republic presidential nominee mitt romney are out west righ
three years may have gotten a fake instead. rick leventhal live in our news room in new york city. how in the world did this happen, rick? tharff small percentage of vehicles and seatbelts are still a driver's primary protection. but this is an extreme safety risk, releasing video showing counterfeits 'suph h of 1% of the vehicles on the road. potentially tens of thousands of people with air bags that could fail. if you had an air bag replaced at a dealership, you should be fine. but if you had the work done at an auto repairhop o rentl ug c you b ro. grn ciar alak t l in trying to stop the illegal sales. >> this is literally an assault on u.s. industry. everything that can be made or manufactured can be counterfeit and if you c selltor ofthmilo at t iolno ashy counterfeiters would focus on one particular brand or one particular kind of air bag if they can counterfeit it, they will and they do. >> so they recommend you get an inspection. that should cost $100 per vecle. thnew a b w c idly m >>l:yo sciof o c h pple know if they have a counterfeit bag? >> that's part of the problem bec
as virtual tour through the city's 5,000 year history. china. surfers from the united states, australia and brazil rushed to a river in the east titled born known as the silver dragon. it forms in the once a year. thousands of spectators used motor boats to chase down the swell and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. it's the bottom of the hour. time for fox top story. suicide bomb attack in afghanistan has left three u.s. troops dead. their translator and nearly a dozen others hurt. that pushes the total number of americans killed on the ground in our nation's longest war past the mark of 2,000. that works out to an average of roughly one service member killed every other day for the past 11 years. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack which happened during a joint u.s. afghan patrol in a market. the military recently scaled back the number of joint patrols because there have been so many of this exact kind of attack. a move which puts the u.s. forces in a very tight spot because the pentagon claims training afghans
. they arrested the rider, but say the horse is okay. >>> michigan. 11 fire departments responded when a city block went up in flames in a small town south of grand rapids. the county clerk says the structures date back to 1887. firefighters say the damage may be too much and the historic buildings might have to come down. >>> minnesota. a camera in a police detox center shows an officer pummeling a man in a wheelchair. that man apparently intoxicated, swiped at the officers face first. then the cops unleashed a flurry of blows. eventually knocking him over backwards in his wheelchair. that officer now on administrative leave while the police department investigate. >>> that's a fox watch across america. >> bill: police busting a couple of corrections officers at a jail for letting some of the inmates go on unsupervised beer runs. according to court documents, one prisoner said the officers let him go to a nearby store to buy chips and brewskis early year this year. one allowed to leave was sentenced to 40 years. this happened at the only jail in american samoa, u.s. territory in the pacific
officials in that country are pretty confident that this drone took off south of siden, the coastal city in lebanon, then flew south over the mediterranean, took a left turn, came in over the gaza strip before heading in over the southern israeli desert where it was brought down. secondly, they point out that hezbollah has a history with drones. they launched one during the war between hezbollah and israel back in 2006. that one flew successfully. there was a less successful launch a couple of years before that. as for a reason, israeli military officials believe that the hezbollah may have been flying this drone on behalf of their allies, iran, trying to get reconnaissance information on a nuclear facility in southern israel. >> shep: and iran weighing in. >> a member of the revolutionary guard saying ha what it shows is that israel's air defenses don't work. in particular the so-called iron dome system. israeli officials point out that's a missile defense system. not a low flying plane defense system. they'll point to that video they released showing how they destroyed the drone when t
pakistani city, not insignificant because that has in the past been a hot bed of extremism. there were ghoxes in pakistan. couldkey here, shep of course is what the pakistani government does. as yet, we haven't even heard from pakistani officials, a strong condemnation of that attempted murder. who know what is will actually happen. >> shepard: thank you. the captain of the cruise ship that capsized off the coast of italy today apologized for the deadly wreck at a hearing whether the case should go to trial. cruised too close to shore struck some rocks and tipped on its side. 4200 passengers at the time. 32 of them died. the captain, however, was one of the first people off the ship we now believe. he claimed he tripped and miraculously fell into a life boat. prosecutors have not yet charged him but he could face counts of manslaughter and abandoning ship. there are also a number of lawsuits pending from passengers and families of the victims. the hearing continues tomorrow. more than a decade after the attacks of 9/11. the confessed master mastermind and several other suspects are bac
's the prediction from city bank, saudi arabia ranks number one. our oil production could become close in the next year. analysts credit high technology and higher global demand for oil. this chart shows the rise in u.s. production of crude over the past five years. city bank predicts it will continue to sore over the next decade turning north america into quote the new middle east. syria is bleeding into other countries now. media outlet in turkey reported that antiaircraft shell had come screaming over the syrian border and into a turkish health center. no reports of any injuries yet. in the last few days we have also seen people in lebanon get caught up in syria's civil war. this latest incident just one more signal to a detier yalgt situation in a very dangerous region. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is on set with us tonight. jonathan, continued warnings of the dangerous implications of this syrian conflict. no ideas of how to resolve it. >> very few ideas, shep. about the only thing we have heard, in fact, warnings the idea of a cease-fire being imposed by bra herminey. that
resistant pants. greg jared is in our newsroom tonight in new york city. i guess this is self-explanatory for the reason that the judge ordered no bail. >> you are exactly right. the feds argued this guy is a danger to the public. they apparently found evidence in the computer of harris that he could be prone to committing acts of violence against kids. well, that was enough for the judge to keep him locked up. harris' bag was packed with that frightening arsenal but only the smoke grenade is actually banned on aircraft. the knives and hatchets and all the other stuff does not violate rules for checked luggage. what was he planning to do with it all? he is not talking to the feds but his lawyer said this. >> he is a nice young man. is he shy. he is gentle. he has never caused harm to anyone. he has never threatened anyone. he has never made any aitems to carry out oany threats to anyone. he is well educated. well respected by his colleagues back in boston in the various labs that he worked in. and that speaks volumes for me. >> well, harris is facing a charge of transporting h
: carl cammeron in denver tonight. governor romney has been here in the mile high city where the weather is quite dry. getting ready for this debate. he has been here for a while now. president obama did his preps outside a resort in las vegas and arrived in colorado today. ed henry is here in denver as well. what are you expecting to hear from the president tonight, shep? >> when you talk to the president wants top advisors they say he is pretty comfortable. 2008 the summer of the democratic convention where he launched hope and change he signed the stimulus bill into law in this city in 2009. now they expect is he going to come up big again tonight. he was quiet today, stayed off the campaign trail but had one of his best surrogates former president bill clinton aides say will be the primary case tonight which this was an economic crisis he inherited and tough to turn around in one term. take a listen to bill clinton. >> the economy is not fixed. i'm telling you nobody could have fixed this much damage in four years. but the president's economic plan is better in the short run, better
and the logical consequence of recognizing that last year would have been the benghazi of dangerous city even this year even with the overthrow of qaddafi accomplished. >> the internal state department panel reviewing the benghazi episode led by thomas pickering held second meeting today they're expected to report back in december. harris? >> james rosen, thank you very much. turkey is not far from war that from that country's prime minister tonight as he warned the syrian government not to test this country's patience. despite that the two allies turned enemies reportedly exchanged gunfire. reporting turkish troops responded after another syrian mortar shell hit inside turkey it's the third straight day the military has fired into syria and it comes after a syrian mortar shell killed five people in a border town on wednesday. so far no response from officials in damascus. but according to one turkish official. syria pulled back tanks and other military equipment from the border earlier today. that official says syria was trying to diffuse any, quote: perception of threat, end quote. jennifer
of an attempted terror attack foiled in the heart of new york city and word that president obama was among the original targets. good evening. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. hours ago, we learned federal agents arrested a man who they say was attempting to detonate a bomb right near the new york federal reserve. three blocks from the site of the world trade center less than a quarter mile away. federal officials say the suspect's original targets included president obama and the new york stock exchange. we don't yet know why he allegedly changed his plan. what we do know is that we were not in any danger because investigators say this was all a sting and the suspect's coconspirators actually were working with the fbi from the very beginning. >> the process that the fbi goes through of finding people who have expressed a hatred for the united states or of american institutions and willingness to attack them. then the fbi engages them via one of its own agents, typically, pretending to be a confederate and walks them through the crime. the crime, of course, is something that would have
will be speaking at the same event in new york city tonight. we are expecting a lighter mood than we saw the other night. this is a mount in the polls. >> it is. no challenger in a presidential race has been above 50% at this juncture three weeks out and lost. so historically very, very good news for mitt romney, and he has the added benefit of expanding the battle grounds now. the state of wisconsin has been put up to a toss up column. so when a challenger is expanding the battlefield, creating more oxygen and playing field for himself, big sign, today mr. romney, doing debate prep with the president. his wife anne was on "the view", and while all of that was happening the president was in new hampshire ripping up mr. romney again and going after his credibility. listen. >> you've got a tax plan that doesn't add up. he has a jobs plan that doesn't create jobs. he has a deficit plan that doesn't reduce the deficit. listen, new hampshire, you have heard of the new deal? you heard of the square deal and the fair deal? mitt romney is trying to sell you a sketchy deal. >> you notice these debates late
, in half between the two cities. from about two hours down to one hour. now, this is cool. we're cruising along right now at about 70 miles per hour keep in mind this is an 8-ton news vehicle, so we cannot even get up to the legal limit of 85 but take a look at live pictures mounted on the qrv or quick response vehicle as we call it. you can see a car zip right by us. listen to what drivers told us earlier about their need for speed. >> it's going to be good for the people to cut through easily, faster. >> i have gotten into two little ones, i mean, it's great like when you are trying to go and get somewhere especially if there is a not who lot of traffic as traffic starts picking up i would say it's going to be a little dangerous. >> it is going to cost you if you use. this about more than $6 or so and some change one way in tolls. and talk about poor gas mileage. this is wild. according to the departments of energy, every five miles per hour that you go over 50 it's like paying an extra quarter for one gallon of gasoline. now, as far as those safety concerns go, that have been brought u
from the allies. "the fox report's" chief correspondent jonathan hunt live in new york city. the united nations security council has just condemned syrians attack. what do we know? >> just in the last hour we got a statement sphrt security council. it took a lot of talking to get there today because the russians, syria's most important and most ardent ally wanted to soften the language in this statement. in the end, the statement condemned the syrian action in what it called the strongest possible terms. it warned of a widening conflict and called for restraints. the statement was read out by the statement of the security council is. listen. >> the members of the council demanded that such violations of international law stop immediately and are not repeated. the members of the security council. [coughing] called on the syrian government to fully respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors. >> significantly what was missing from the statement was any threat of consequences if syria does not respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of its neighbors, trace.
but in other cities including the northern city of tripoli. the army moved into the streets of beirut and tripoli and they did later today get some measure of control the tensions remain very high, indeed, amid suspicions that the car bombing was carried out by syrian agents with the sole purpose of silencing their critics in lebanon. listen. >> there is a natural tendency for the syrians to to want to exert control over that country. then, of course, you have the players, hezbollah and hamas, all those are in play in this particular case. lebanon becomes in essence the proxy war that could take place if we're not careful. >> reporter: and nobody wants that proxy war, hence a call from u.s. state department officials for all sides in lebanon to exercise restraint to try to achieve calm. >> shep: history tells us that may be difficult. >> reporter: you look what arab spring has turned out to be across the region. much less about freedom, much more for a battle for control between shea and sunni muslims. take a look the 27% sunni and 27% shea and there is a large christian population th
york city and long island up to boston and the coast of maine. entire east coast pounded for days. happy halloween. rick riechmuth is in the extreme weather center. this is incredible. >> probably the worst of it all the population zones is. in the short term, shep, we're talking about this hurricane. that is all we got going on right now. a category 2 storm. sandy hit parts of the bahamas and bringing rain in south florida. take a look at the pictures there. out of south florida. this is courtesy of a station in miami. you see the palm trees blowing and the surf that has been battering and dangerous already. a lot of beaches will be eroded. at you take what we're going to see, next 24-36 hours, we're going to talk about storm impacting florida, heavy rain along the coastal area and certainly big surf and beach erosion in the short term. >> shep: then it emerges with something else and hits the northeast? >> we're talking about monday into tuesday event. storm continues to follow the coast. take a look by this, taking a sharp left turn and potentially strong impact in the land fal
for these two is set to begin next october. shep. >> shep: jonathan hunt in new york city. thanks. the family of a missing girl in colorado is now begging for the public's help to bring their child home. this is video of ten-year-old jessica ridgeway. she disappeared in suburban denver while walking to school on friday. her family put out this video asking folks to please get a good look at her. hundreds of volunteers have searched fields and retraced her route to school. they found the girl's backpack on a sidewalk this weekend, they tell us, about six files from her home. today an f.b.i. evidence team went inside that home while family members did interviews. jessica's father struggled to speak to reporters. >> the worst thing i've ever been through. i don't know what to do, you know. i just want to find my daughter. >> shep: just wants to find his daughter. the cops say the parents have a cooperated and they're following up on more than 400 tips. >>> after two years of unanswered questions and unending pain, authorities in mexico say they have finally arrested a suspect in the killing of a
of al-qaeda. witnesses say the man was leaving his home in yemen's capital city when two gunmen on a motorcycle pulled up. as the story goes, one called out to the worker and when he turned around, a witness says the killers shot him not once, but three times right in the head. the attack comes as yemen's government goes on the offensive against the al-qaeda branch in that country. the branch that the united states officials have called repeatedly, the terror network's greatest threat to america. the fox report's chief correspondent, jonathan hunt in new york. it seems clear this was not random. the killers were targeting this man. >> in the words of at least one yemeni official, this was a, quote, assassination, shep. this man appears to have been targeted precisely because he worked at the u.s. embassy. in fact, had worked there for some 11 years within a security team. the fear now, of course, is that those who attacked this man may have a hit list of targets. that could include u.s. citizens. listen to victoria nooland from the state department. >> there was obviously an eme
investigators say they have identified yet another victim of the attacks of 9/11. the new york city medical center examiner's office reports she was a 52-year-old woman from new jersey who worked as a legal secretary in the south tower. officials say they still have not identified about 1100 of the more than 2700 people who died on 9/11 at the world trade center. a massive dust storm triggers multiple crashes on a highway and it tops our news across america. oklahoma, a sheriff's advisor says storms a lot of dust. blew up enough of it to cause a blackout condition on interstate 35 outside tulsa. one pileup involved nearly three dozen vehicles. crews rescued a victim trapped inside her car, several people hurt in the wreck. mississippi, a man authorities sought in connection with a major main growing operation has surrendered. narcotic agents this week seized about 370 pounds of plants and 21 pounds of processed pots inside two homes. cops say the weed is worth more than a million dollars on the street. california. researchers are tagging dozens of sea otters to see how proposed seismic acti
Search Results 0 to 43 of about 44 (some duplicates have been removed)